Blasphemous the stir of dawn

Upcoming Free Blasphemous DLC Adds New Game Plus and Fresh Story Content

Blasphemous, the punishing Metroidvania from The Game Kitchen, will soon get much more devastating. On August 4th, the studio plans to roll out “The Stir of Dawn,” free DLC for players across all platforms. “The Stir of Dawn” will debut a host of new content, including the big draw–a New Game Plus mode.

The Game Kitchen and publisher Team17 showcased what all lies ahead for Blasphemous in the following DLC trailer:

In addition to the much-coveted New Game Plus mode, updated voice acting is coming to Blasphemous. This particular adjustment adds in a Spanish language option, as well. Plus, “The Stir of Dawn” seems as though it will revitalize the experience in myriad other ways.

For one, a “Three Penitence System” will feature in the forthcoming update, alongside brand-new executions, a counter attack mechanic, new items, and reworks on animations and level art. Blasphemous’ map system is undergoing a revamp, too, with the installation of additional fast travel locations. New storylines, bosses, and NPCs will join the mix, with a fresh batch of enemies and areas to boot. Finally, players can anticipate the following balance adjustments: Buffed Prayers, Rosary Bead and Sword Heart updates, plus enemy tweaks.

The DLC trailer merely serves as a tease. In the weeks leading up to the update’s arrival, The Game Kitchen is set to delve deeper into what “The Stir of Dawn” has on offer. Fans can follow along for blog updates via Blasphemous‘ official newsfeed on Steam.

Blasphemous is out now on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

[Source: Team17]