Logitech Wants You to Buy This Fancy and Highly Ergonomic $1,500 Herman Miller Gaming Chair

Expensive, high-end gaming peripherals and accessories are nothing new. Honestly, slapping the word “gamer” on a product is usually an invite for a nerd tax because someone somewhere is willing to pay the price. After all, Louis Vuitton released a $2,700 dollar League of Legends-themed hoodie and it wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t think at least a handful of folks would take the bait. This may explain the rollout of a smart gaming chair collaboration by Logitech and luxury furniture manufacturer Herman Miller that comes in at almost $1,500. The gaming chair was announced back in February but is seemingly hitting the market soon if previews from sites like The Verge are any indicator. Sure, it’s not as opulent as paying almost $3,000 for a piece of clothing one of my four cats would most likely puke on when I’m not looking, but it’s nothing to sneeze at.

logitech herman miller gaming chair

There are two mindsets when it comes to something that sees as much wear and tear as the likes of a gaming chair. I tend to be glass-half-empty and say that I’m not willing to invest too much money on something I’m literally going to sit in every day, because inevitably, that thing will break with some regularity. However, the other camp says these things are designed specifically for that purpose, and thus would be built to last. The Embody Gaming Chair by Logitech and Herman Miller is offering a chair that, according to the site, doesn’t need to be replaced, even going as far as calling it “your last chair.”

So, what exactly does a chair the cost of one monthly rent payment for a one-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas get you?

The chair is “made in the USA with durable, sustainable materials” according to the website, with a maximum weight limit specification of 300 pounds and under. There’s a lot of ergonomics at work with the chair reportedly “backed by science,” notably the spinal support and pressure distribution, and is probably the reason for the high price point. The chair is designed to mimic a standing posture, even when sitting, which helps with back health.

It doesn’t appear that Logitech actually offered up much in this collaboration other than a logo and color scheme. The FAQ on the Herman Miller website says that “Logitech G brought their innovation in gaming technology and deep understanding of the needs of gamers to the table. They helped inform product updates and collaborated with Herman Miller’s engineers on the enhancements to our products.” The FAQ also notes “the seat has an additional layer of foam to better support your posture while you play, and we’ve developed new technology to keep you cool, too.”

Herman Miller as a brand reviews well, particularly in the ergonomic office furniture space. Its collaboration with a goods maker like Logitech that’s somewhat known as being affordable and entry-level when it comes to gaming products is a bit unusual, but perhaps it’s simply an avenue to bring name recognition to a brand that hasn’t entered the gaming space before. And as a friend pointed out to me, whether we’re talking audio equipment or gaming stuff there will always be that contingent of people that stick to an old adage: Expensive is always better.

The Logitech x Herman Miller Embody smart gaming chair is now available. Go buy one and let us know how long it lasts. I’m genuinely curious now.