Pictures of Outer White PS5 Shell Shows Size, Hints at Swappable Custom Face Plates

With the PS5 now obviously in production, getting ready for its release in just about four months, pictures are starting to leak of the console on the production line. The latest batch of leaked PS5 images is just the outer white shell pieces, but it does give us a pretty good indication of the overall PS5 size along with hinting at the ability to easily swap out the outer shell with custom face plates.

The three pictures were posted on the A9VG forum, showing the PS5 shell pieces somewhere in the manufacturing facility. Both sides of the shell are shown, including the “top” with the cutout PS logo and stacks of the “bottom” part of the shell with the disc tray slot. The picture of the top PS5 shell piece is taken with what appears to be a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, which could be used to further deduce the overall PS5 size.

The pictures also seem to hint that the outer PS5 shell can be popped on and off relatively easily, with nary a screw in sight. The shell appears to pop on with plastic tabs and could be able to be removed as easily as the hard drive cover on the PS4. If both sides of the white shell are easily removable, it would allow Sony to offer custom PS5 console designs and special editions without requiring people to buy an entirely new console. That’s great news for day one adopters of the console who don’t want to fork out another $400+ just for that inevitable Horizon or God of War special edition down the line. It will also let third-parties make and sell their own custom shell designs for the PS5.

Take a look at the images below:

PS5 shell white outer face plate custom 2

PS5 shell white outer face plate custom 2

PS5 shell white outer face plate custom 2

Could this be what Sony’s Head of Marketing Eric Lempel was hinting at in his conversation with Geoff Keighley? Lempel said that Sony will talk about custom and special edition console designs in the future, which seems like an odd thing to talk specifically about unless there’s something “special” about custom editions of the PS5, and swappable shells would certainly qualify. Launching the PS5 with custom swappable shells would be a huge win for the console manufacturer and a big selling point for the next-gen console. Perhaps it’s something that will be revealed with the full console teardown that Mark Cerny promised earlier this year. After all, tearing down the PS5 would be the perfect opportunity to show how easily the shell can be removed and swapped out for different colors and custom designs.

Sony is rumored to hold another PS5 State of Play on August 6th. It’s unknown if the event will focus solely on games or if Sony plans to show off more about the PS5 console, from a teardown to the UI to more information about how its service model will be evolving in the next generation. Sony has yet to comment on or confirm the August State of Play, but given the recent release of the final PS4 exclusive, the road in front of us is wide open for Sony to finally start a heavy PS5 marketing push. It seems highly likely that Sony is going to have something to show at some point next month.

[Via: ResetEra]