Walmart Canada Tweets About Getting Ready for PS5 Preorders, Sign Ups Available

Walmart Canada is getting prospective buyers ready for PS5 preorders. The company tweeted a link to sign up for updates to make sure you can secure yours on day one. “Are you ready for PS5 pre-orders to open up?” the post from Walmart Canada Gaming asks. “Stay in the loop to secure a PlayStation 5 on Day One by signing up for updates.”

What’s not clear is if Walmart Canada actually has any foreknowledge on when PS5 preorders will happen or if its just gathering email addresses in anticipation of Sony’s announcement to come soon. Walmart Canada has been at the center of some pretty big gaming leaks before, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they might have a date internally. On the other hand, its just as likely they are as eager as any of us, knowing that with release in less than four months, that date is inevitably close. For reference, the account tweeted a similar note about Xbox Series X preorders back on July 22, which is currently its pinned tweet.

If you’d like to sign up for updates from Walmart Canada, you can do so on their PS5 preorder page. This will not guarantee you a PS5 preorder, but rather keep you in the loop when Walmart is able to confirm additional details like price, date, and availability.

You won’t need to sign up for Walmart Canada’s mailing list to learn when PS5 preorders are going to open up, however. Sony has promised that they will announce preorder details ahead of time. They won’t just randomly open up without warning. Datamining on Sony’s direct sales site suggests purchases could be limited to one console per person. It’s unknown if other retailer like Walmart will follow suit on those limitations.

Recent reports say that Sony increased production in anticipation of massive demand this holiday season when the PS5 launches. Another report says Sony is planning on a shorter console life cycle for the PS5, but projects even more console sales than the PS4 in that time.

What do you think? Does Walmart Canada actually know anything this time around, or is