Walmart Canada’s Rage 2 Preorder Bonus Cleverly Celebrates a Meme

Prior to Rage 2’s 2018 reveal, Walmart Canada inadvertently leaked a list of titles that would be unveiled during E3. Rage 2 was one such title that soon after the leak received an official confirmation. Were there hard feelings between publisher Bethesda Softworks and Walmart Canada? It’s hard to say. If so, the two companies have most assuredly moved past it. This seems evident in a bonus item that will be rewarded to consumers who preorder Rage 2 from the retailer. The item is a slip cover sleeve, featuring Walmart Canada’s original placeholder cover art and the colorful corruptions from Rage 2’s Twitter account.

Walmart Canada Gaming on Twitter revealed the preorder bonus in the following tweet:

Unsurprisingly, it appears this specific preorder bonus will be exclusive to Walmart Canada. Fans in other regions shouldn’t fret, however, as there are a number of other preorder bonuses on offer elsewhere. For example, one includes a cheat code that allows players to access voiceover from Tim Kitzrow, famously known as the voice of NBA Jam. Another preorder bonus will grant players access to “The Cult of the Death God” mission, a weapon and armor that belonged to the first game’s protagonist, and more.

The release date for Rage 2 is fast approaching. Yet, more content is planned for the sequel after launch. In fact, months after launch, the game is bound to have undergone several changes. These changes will be reflected in in-game events, as well as free and paid post-launch DLC.

Rage 2 will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in a few weeks on May 14th.

[Source: Walmart Canada Gaming on Twitter via Game Rant]