RAGE 2 Will ‘Potentially’ be a Different Game 7 Months After Launch

The way video games are supported in 2019 is interesting, because even  single-player games feel like they’ve got a multiplayer backbone, at least in terms of how the updates roll out. Back in the day, MMOs and multiplayer games got major updates and content drops, with only a handful of single-player games doing the same. Now, it’s quite common that most AAA single-player games are still evolving months after release. This is going to be the case with Rage 2, a game that we probably weren’t expecting to get since the first Rage didn’t light the world on fire.

How much will Rage 2 evolve after launch, though? Well, according to an interview with id Software Studio Director Tim Willits conducted by GameSpot, it will change a lot. In fact, GameSpot asked if Rage 2 will be completely different six to seven months from launch, to which Willits replied:

Yes, that’s the plan! Hopefully, people will stay with it. I do think we have a good plan. We have some cool beats that we’ll talk about after the game launches, and what the framework looks like moving forward. When you play the full game, you can see that there’s room for things to expand, and we will continually layer things in to keep people engaged.

Willits also confirmed that, despite there being lots of in-game events that require an internet connection to participate, you can play the base game offline. Events like these may have stirred up some confusion, since some may refer to this as a games-as-a-service model, which Willits feels might have confused the community:

What we’re planning on doing is creating some updates and content for this game after we launch. So, we monitor the game, we monitor the players, we act in the community, we’re gonna support it, we’re gonna update it. It’s not like a subscription or a free-to-play game. But it will be supported.

With so many high quality games releasing so often, it’s ideal for companies to keep their players around as long as possible, which is where these constant updates come into play. Games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey have demonstrated how this could work effectively, and Rage 2 seems to be following that same model.

Rage 2 will be out on May 14, 2019 for the PS4 and other platforms. You can preorder now.

[Source: GameSpot]