That Spelunker Came From the Moon, Spelunky 2 Release Date is September 15

Video games and the moon: Is there a more iconic duo? I’m not waiting to hear any answers, as my mind has been made up. But, safe to say that the mystique and mystery surrounding the big, gray rock ever-threatening life on earth makes it the perfect set piece for games. Prepare to get all the moon you can ask for and more. The Spelunky 2 release date was revealed during yesterday’s State of Play live stream from Sony. After what feels like a literal decade, the beloved and bone-crushingly hard indie game is getting the sequel it deserves, coming to PS4 on September 15. Check out the trailer with added thoughts and commentary from developer Derek Yu below.

While this game won’t feature any wizards coming from the moon, it does feature a fantastical moon base that will serve as the hub for the player’s goings-on. Unlocked characters will begin to congregate at your base, creating a sense of expansion and community as more layers of the Spelunky 2 onion get peeled. “And as you to explore the game world and unravel its secrets, you’ll be building a community of characters, old and new, who will support you on your journey and make your adventure feel richer and more interconnected. Justin Chan has done a wonderful job illustrating these characters and helping to bring them to life based on my little sprites,” says Derek Yu in the PlayStation Blog post about Spelunky 2 and its development.

And while not my favorite or most-explored avenue of Spelunky play, multiplayer is back and bigger than ever. With local and online options, modes such as deathmatch and something called Hold The Idol will bring players together, only to make them want to strangle one another in the process. Ah, friendship.

Keep an eye out for Spelunky 2 and its moon-based antics on September 15.

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