spelunky 2 delayed

No Spelunking This Year, as Spelunky 2 Has Been Delayed Out of 2019

Mossmouth’s Derek Yu has announced some unfortunate news, treasure hunters. The highly-anticipated Spelunky 2 will not launch in 2019, as originally intended. According to Yu, extra development time is necessary, because the game’s “density and detail” demand a lengthier period of production time. Just how much longer the sequel’s development cycle will go on remains unknown. In fact, Yu does not seem too sure on those specifics.

The developer took to his personal Twitter account to share the news with followers. In a brief thread that spans four tweets, Yu explained that, while development is moving a long great, the team is off target. Thankfully, Spelunky 2’s production isn’t “too off target,” though. Some of the extra details that require lengthier development time reflect feedback Mossmouth received from fans in the past about trailers. For instance, more detail has been added, in addition to the team’s providing “contrast to make existing details pop.”

Yu also apologized for not keeping fans better up to date. Yet, he did note that this usually meant he was hard at work on the development side of things. Never fret, though, as more updates are indeed on the way. For now, the focus is very much on the title’s production.

The first tweet in Yu’s thread is linked below:

Mossmouth unveiled Spelunky 2 approximately two years ago, during Sony’s pre-show for Paris Games Week 2017. The game’s most recent update hit the web nearly a full year ago, thanks to a gameplay trailer.

[Source: Derek Yu on Twitter via Gematsu]