CD Projekt RED Details Cyberpunk 2077’s Various Weapon Types

As previously promised, CD Projekt RED hosted its second Night City Wire stream today. The studio split the broadcast between three different segments–lifepaths, music, and weapons. Much of the lifepath-related information is already known, but viewers were treated to plenty of new gameplay footage. A quick overview of Cyberpunk 2077‘s various weapons provided a host of new details, though.

The Night City Wire stream showcased the following weapons-centric trailer for Cyberpunk 2077:

There are three gun types that players will encounter in-game: Power Weapons, Tech Weapons, and Smart Weapons. According to Senior Gameplay Designer Paweł Kapała, Power Weapons are most like contemporary guns. The key difference is that Power Weapons can ricochet bullets. Electromagnetic power fuels Tech Weapons, which propel a “fully metal projectile to extreme velocities.” Apparently, the metal projectiles are so powerful that they can pierce through cover and still do devastating damage to enemies in hiding. Smart Weapons take advantage of “guided missile technology” capable of tracking and honing in on multiple foes at once. Each weapon will boast attachment and modification options, such as scopes, silencers, damage output adjustments, etc.

The video also showcases a brief look at other weapon types, namely the melee weapons and Cyberware. One brief segment in particular shows the Thermal Katana melee weapon in action. Meanwhile, the Mantis Blades Cyberware gets a bit of the spotlight later in the trailer. These aspects of V’s arsenal don’t receive as much detail as the guns, but perhaps we’ll learn more at another time. There is, after all, another Night City Wire on the cards, though CDPR has yet to unveil a specific streaming date and time.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches later this year on November 19th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. CD Projekt RED has previously confirmed that customers who purchase a current-gen copy will receive access to a next-gen upgrade free of charge.