The First 15 Minutes of Control: AWE Reveal That Alan Wake Has Solved His Writer’s Block

Last we saw the eponymous Alan Wake he was trapped in a reality called “The Dark Place” and stuck with a serious case of writer’s block, unable to escape the place he finds himself at the end of his own 2010 game. Developer Remedy is picking up that plot thread once again as it starts paying off Easter eggs it set up for the Remedy Connected Universe in the Control: AWE expansion. The new story tasks Federal Bureau of Control Director Jesse Faden with finding out what happened to Wake after it appears that his new writing is having a dangerous effect on the outside world. Remedy showed off the first fifteen minutes of AWE on a Twitch stream today, but for those just looking to get a non-spoilery taste, check out the video below.

This second and final DLC for one of 2019’s best games sends Jesse to the previously sealed-off Investigation Sector, closed due to its pesky habit of ripping holes in space and time (naturally). Then comes the connection to Alan Wake, fiction writer extraordinaire and man sealed away in a dark dimension for over a decade. This connection was teased in the main game, but it now coming full circle. It appears Wake has finally overcome his writer’s block and is looking for a way out, which is causing hell to break loose in the FBC.

“Alan Wake is writing again, and you’ll be finding pages of his writing,” Remedy creative director Sam Lake said mid-stream. “The story he’s creating is affecting reality here. You can experience the full pages through the hotline menu in the game.” In addition to new hotline material, except a new enemy type, more side-quests with everyone’s favorite janitor, Ahti, and a light mechanic that will remind you that the folks who made Alan Wake also made Control.

And, most of all: All you Alan Wake fans out there can finally get some closure on his story and find out the gritty details from ten years ago. Control: AWE releases on August 27, coinciding with the release of that Control Ultimate Edition that has everyone all angry about the next-gen upgrade limited only to that edition.

You can pick up Control right now on Amazon, as well as the Season Pass which will get you immediate access to the first expansion, The Foundation, as well as AWE later this month.