Control Ultimate Edition Launches Later This Year on Current and Next-Gen Consoles

Publisher 505 Games and developer Remedy Entertainment will launch Control Ultimate Edition later this year across all platforms. Yes, that includes next-gen consoles. This edition of the award-winning title will package in the base game, all updates (Expeditions and Photo Mode included), The Foundation DLC, and the forthcoming AWE expansion.

Control Ultimate Edition’s is slated to first hit PC via Steam on August 27th. On September 10th, 505 Games plans to roll out digital versions for the PS4, PC via Epic Games Store, and Xbox One. PS4 and Xbox One are on track to receive physical editions of the new packaging later in the year. Digital versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X will also launch late in 2020. Finally, owners of next-gen hardware will be able to pick up a copy of Control Ultimate Edition in early 2021. According to a blog post from 505 Games, simultaneous digital and retail releases aren’t possible due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Check out the trailer below to see what awaits in Control Ultimate Edition:

The 505 Games post also sheds light on the current-gen to next-gen upgrade path. First, fans should know that owning a copy of Control’s original release will not net you free access to Control Ultimate Edition on PS5/Xbox Series X. However, those who buy the Ultimate Edition on PS4/Xbox One will receive a free digital upgrade for next-gen.

During the recent State of Play stream, Remedy announced the AWE DLC will launch on August 27th. Because the new content features Alan Wake in some capacity, the studio soon thereafter teased the “Remedy Connected Universe.” Apparently, “payoff for certain things” may arrive somewhere down the line.

[Source: 505 Games]