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Alan Awake Appears in Control AWE Expansion Footage, DLC Drops Later This Month

Finally, Control’s long-awaited AWE expansion has a trailer and release date. The second and final round of story DLC will roll out later this month on August 27th.

Remedy unveiled the release date alongside a first-look trailer during today’s State of Play. The best part? It features a pretty good look at Alan Wake, bearded and all. Check it out in the video linked below:

The AWE story expansion will see Jesse Faden, Federal Bureau of Control Director, exploring the bureau’s Investigations Sector. A creature lurks within it, one who’s haunted the abandoned sector for several years. It lies in wait on the “other side of the sealed Firebreak,” but Jesse looks to expel it permanently and reclaim the sector. Such a task will present a challenge like no other, since Jesse must explore the Altered World Events housed within the Investigations Sector. One such investigation involves the town of Bright Falls, home to Remedy’s beloved and long-dormant Alan Wake franchise. It was long rumored that the AWE expansion would tie into the Xbox exclusive Alan Wake, and a number of Easter eggs in Control’s oldest house had confirmed that the two games were part of the same universe. Now it’s finally confirmed that AWE does relate directly to Alan Wake, ironically via a PlayStation showcase.

Control’s first story expansion, The Foundation, launched earlier this year on the PlayStation 4. As with all of the title’s content, it presented quite the mind trip, with the mysterious Board sitting at the center of attention. By itself, The Foundation runs customers $14.99. However, fans can pick up both DLC expansions in Control’s Season Pass for the price of $24.99.

Control is in stores now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. PlayStation Now subscribers who haven’t given Control a try still have an opportunity to do so. The supernatural adventure leaves the service on August 31st. Remedy has confirmed that Control is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but hasn’t provided any additional details about the upgrade.