Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Reveal Time Set for 10:30 AM PT on August 26th Inside Warzone’s Verdansk

When the Call of Duty ARG was solved and the Black Ops Cold War teaser showed August 26th for a full reveal, it wasn’t accompanied by a specific time, leaving many to wonder when the reveal would actually take place. It was hinted at the time that the reveal would happen within Warzone thanks to “Verdansk” being in the teaser’s description, but details were light. Activision is now clearing a few things up with a new tweet confirming 10:30 am PT on August 26th for the reveal. Further, the short video attached to the tweet seems to double down on implying we’ll need to drop into Verdansk in Warzone to take part in the reveal event.

At this point, it’s unknown if the redacted elements of the tweet hide vital clues or if they are just playing into the themes of classified government documents as it sets the stage for the reveal. The video is the same Warzone intro video that is played before players drop into Verdansk, however it has fuzzy video over the top of it similar to the Black Ops Cold War teaser, as well as the “know your history” video effects that can be seen occasionally while playing Warzone.

What’s unknown at this point is if the Black Ops Cold War Warzone reveal will be a live interactive event similar to Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert, or if this will be a glorified cutscene that will just play as an overlay on players’ screens. Speculation has the rocket in Bunker 10 launching from the obelisk in the Park area on the southern edge of the map, and a recent update added a number of red CRT TVs to various homes around Verdansk that may also play a role in the reveal.

In a trickle of news leading to this week’s reveal, Treyarch also unveiled the first key art for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, a decidedly brighter and more colorful design than Call of Duty—and moreover, Black Ops—is usually known for.

At a staggering 75 million players, the free-to-play Call of Duty Warzone is the perfect stage to reveal the next game for a crowd of obviously interested and eager fans. If you want to see the reveal for yourself, make sure to drop into Verdansk just before 10:30 am PT/1:30 PM ET on August 26th to see how Warzone reveals Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. At this point, we’d probably recommend dropping into Plunder rather than Battle Royale, just to be certain you can respawn and an errant death isn’t going to cause you to miss the reveal.