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Travis Scott’s Fortnite Concert Drew in a Whopping 27.7 Million Unique Players

Late last week and throughout the weekend Epic Games hosted a Travis Scott concert in Fortnite. The event, dubbed Astronomical, attracted a record-breaking 12.3 million players during its first showing. Astronomical’s four encore events greatly built upon this momentum. In total, the in-game concert showings drew in an impressive 27.7 million unique viewers. On top of that, these millions of players participated in the event no less than 45.8 million times. Talk about a game-changer.

Epic Games shared the numbers in a recent Twitter post, while additionally thanking fans for their participation. Check below to see the the tweet from Fortnite’s page:

These numbers easily eclipse those of the previous live gig record in Fortnite, held by a Marshmello concert from 2019 that attracted 10.7 million viewers. With such success, it’ll be interesting to see who Epic brings in for a potential third concert event in the future.

Players had five different opportunities to join Travis Scott’s Astronomical. The first concert went live Thursday, April 23rd. Two shows followed on Friday; another two encore showings were hosted on Saturday. Those who missed out can view the event online. GamesRadar posted video of the first showing on its YouTube channel. See it below:

Over the last few years, Fortnite has become quite the cultural staple. As such, it’s been interesting to watch Epic’s battle royale hit continuously exceed expectations. And with Deadpool recently entering the mix, it appears fans are consistently given reasons to dive back in.

[Source: Fortnite on Twitter]