Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter Campaign Raises Over $4.5 Million, Companion Game Announced

The Kickstarter campaign for Suikoden spiritual successor, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, has come to a close with $4.5 million raised by 46,307 backers at the time of this writing.

Since going live a month ago, the campaign smashed records and became the third most crowdfunded Kickstarter video game project. Every single stretch goal has been unlocked, including the final stretch goal: a town creation RPG in partnership with Natsume-Atari.

Here’s an official overview of what Rabbit & Bear Studios has in mind for A Quiet Place:

  • It will release before the main game, which will hopefully hold you over during the excruciatingly long 2 and a half year wait.
  • It will feature a variety of different “lifestyle” mini-games that will allow you to gather a wide variety of different materials to build up your town/farm/house.
  • The goal is to allow these materials to transfer over to Eiyuden Chronicle allowing you a head-start at crafting some of the different items/armor/etc in the game.
  • You will get to meet a few of the characters that appear in Eiyuden Chronicle and get to know them a bit earlier.
  • There may be some kind of battle mechanic, but we are still talking it over.

The caveat is that backers will have to increase their pledge by $7 if they want A Quiet Place due to unavoidable costs associated with releasing the title. According to Rabbit & Bear, console manufacturers will charge 30 percent of the game’s base price and whatever publisher it works with is expected to charge around $15-20.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is expected to release in fall 2022.

[Source: Kickstarter]