Spellbreak’s ‘Prologue: The Gathering Storm’ Update Brings New Content and Story on October 22

The free-to-play magic-hurling battle royale Spellbreak is about to gets its first big injection of content and story with “Prologue: The Gathering Storm.” This introduction to Spellbreak’s Chapters system will begin to set up Spellbreak’s broader narrative path with new story via weekly quests and rewards unique to this update. Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak says Prologue will provide “new ways to experience Spellbreak’s unique combat and gives players a first taste of how we plan to deliver ongoing story content.”

Coming October 22, the Prologue update will kick off the Chapters system, a 9v9 team deathmatch called Clash, three new Talents, and a bunch of Halloween-themed cosmetics for the spooky “Hollowed Eve” event period. The three new Talents are:

  • Vigor: Bonus health
  • Ambidextrous: Enables the passive class ability in your offhand gauntlet
  • Foresight: Reveals nearby players on your minimap and shows future shrines/circles

Proletariat announced the release date for Prologue at the end of an accolades trailer, which can be seen in the tweet above. The developer also reminds players that all added gameplay content is entirely free, so every player can participate in the ongoing Chapters story content, starting with Prologue: The Gathering Storm. What’s unclear is if the Chapters content serves as a permanent addition to the game or if each new Chapter update will override the last one (similar to other games’ Seasonal updates).

Released in September, Spellbreak earned its place as one of the PlayStation Blog’s Players’ Choice top picks for the month. Proletariat began teasing its long-term plans with a roadmap update shortly following release, saying at the time that both Prologue and Chapter 1 were 1-3 months out. It’s not clear how long after Prologue we’ll need to wait for Chapter 1. Spellbreak had reached 5 million players by less than two weeks after launch, likely accruing even more players since mid-September. Proletariat plans to support the game for the foreseeable future. “This update represents the beginning of our plan to deliver robust content,” Sivak said.