Devolver Digital Acquires Serious Sam and The Talos Principle Studio, Croteam

Devolver Digital has announced the acquisition of Croteam, the developer behind Serious Sam and The Talos Principle.

Calling the acquisition a “marriage,” Devolver said that it has been working with Croteam for ten years, starting with the publication of Serious Sam 3. It also published the award-winning The Talos Principle on a variety of platforms.

In a press release, the companies said:

Croteam and Devolver Digital have partnered on dozens of games – from the frantic Serious Sam series to the award-winning The Talos Principle across PC, consoles, VR and mobile platforms. Croteam and Devolver Digital have been dating for so long that we decided to go ahead and just get married.

Devolver has acquired Croteam…or maybe Croteam has acquired Devolver…who could really know at this point in the relationship. What’s certain is that our future together is ultra exciting with new projects like The Talos Principle 2, more Serious Sam games, and original IP from Croteam and the Croteam Incubator studios. Croteam will of course keep total creative freedom and Devolver Digital gets to keep making dumb recommendations that Croteam just ignores – we prefer it that way.

Both companies are thrilled to share this news and hope that you’re as excited about our future together as we are – it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Croteam is a Croatian studio based in Zagreb. It was founded back in 1992 by a group of childhood friends who published their first game, Football Glory, for the Amiga and MS DOS.

Croteam currently employs over 40 developers.