Looks Like PS4 Games Have Begun Receiving PS5 Support Updates

Multiple PlayStation 4 games appear to have begun receiving PlayStation 5 support updates. As reported by a number of users, games like God of War 3 Remastered, God of War (2018), and The Last of Us Remastered were all recently updated.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake also received its first patch since launch. The brief patch notes were pretty vague so we can’t say for sure if it has something to do with PS5 support, but users noted that some of the bugs in the game remain unfixed so the patch might not have much to do with bug fixes or glitches.

Known modder Lance McDonald wrote:

A quick look on PSN tracking service on Twitter (via TwistedVoxel) shows that not only are a number of PS4 games being updated as we speak, but some PS5 games have apparently been added to PSN under the following code names:

The PS5 is all set for launch starting November 12th. Media outlets have already started receiving the console and its peripherals so you’ll see previews and impressions in due course.

Excited yet? Not long to go now!

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