Steam Client Beta Adds Support for PS5’s DualSense

The PlayStation 5‘s coveted DualSense controller is now supported in Steam Client Beta. However, only basic support has been added yet so don’t expect advanced features that Sony has been touting.

“Added initial input support for the PS5 DualSense controller,” wrote Valve. “Advanced features such as rumble, trackpad, and gyro are not yet supported.” The company added that the DualSense will show up as a PS4 controller for now.

Reviewers and users have lauded the DualSense, often referring to it as a game-changer. Sony came through on its promise to give developers a whole new way to craft their experiences with features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

“Based on our discussions with developers, we concluded that the sense of touch within gameplay, much like audio, hasn’t been a big focus for many games,” Sony’s Hideaki Nishino said back in April. “We had a great opportunity with PS5 to innovate by offering game creators the ability to explore how they can heighten that feeling of immersion through our new controller. This is why we adopted haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud. We also incorporated adaptive triggers into the L2 and R2 buttons of DualSense so you can truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.”

Steam users will certainly be in for a treat when they get to experience the DualSense’s full feature set.

[Source: Valve]