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Point-and-Click Adventure Game When the Past Was Around Hits Consoles in December

When the Past Was Around is a point-and-click puzzle adventure game that released for PC via Steam in September. Now publisher Chorus Worldwide and developer Mojiken are prepping for a console launch next month. The title comes to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms on an unspecified date in mid-December.

Get a glimpse of what to expect in the latest trailer for When the Past Was Around:

Described as a “sweet and whimsical journey,” When the Past Was Around is a hand-drawn experience that follows Edda. As a young woman in her early 20s, Edda lost her way in trying to achieve her goals and dreams. Finding true love was no simple task, either. Things took a turn for the better when Edda met The Owl, however. As Edda’s lover, The Owl brought out her passions and allowed her to experience the spark of a relationship. Their union also brought about heartbreak.

In the surreal world of When the Past Was Around, players venture through a “bittersweet tale” about the young woman and her lover. Disjointed rooms from distant memories make up the game world. In gathering clues, unlocking doors, and solving puzzles, players will help Edda unravel the secrets that separate her and The Owl.

Developer Mojiken is the team behind A Raven Monologue, a Steam title that launched to much acclaim in 2018. The experimental silent story follows the titular raven, a bird that does not know how to croak. This particular adventure never made its way to consoles.

[Source: Chorus Worldwide via Gematsu]