Amazon Severs Ties With Worker Who Drove Off With Someone’s PS5 as Investigation Continues

An Amazon UK driver was caught on camera as he drove off with what looks like a PlayStation 5 sized box that he was meant to deliver at the house he was parked outside.

The residents, Richard and Jenni Walker, had ordered a PS5 for their son’s 16th birthday but what they received was a refund and gift vouchers as an apology. In the video below, the driver is seen dropping off some packages before he encounters a big box. He then puts the box back in his van and drives off. Walker’s daughter took the camera footage to her local Amazon depot, where the manager recognized the employee and promised that he’d be fired. However, the PS5 never made its way to the Walker family and despite numerous attempts, Amazon didn’t promise a replacement even when stock did become available in the future.

Amazon has confirmed that the driver was fired, but this is little consolation for the Walkers and all of those who have either had their packages stolen or received kitchen appliances and other products instead of their PS5. The online giant has yet to acknowledge that its staff members were involved in a number of these cases of theft, but has said that it is investigating what happened.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]