Amazon UK Reportedly Offering PS5 Stock on Priority Basis to Those Whose Consoles Were Stolen

Amazon UK has reportedly begun contacting customers who received random items instead of PlayStation 5 consoles, offering them new stock on priority basis.

Push Square, whose managing director was one of the victims, has reported that the online giant is sending out emails stating, “We are pleased to confirm that we will be able to secure a PS5 for you as a replacement for the order that you didn’t receive.” Those who wish to avail the offer will need to let Amazon’s customer services team know that they’re still looking for a PS5, and it’ll apparently be delivered to them within 14 days.

While this is the right thing to do, it’s alarming that Amazon still hasn’t publicly explained what went wrong, especially after a recent investigation uncovered potential organized crime. Hundreds of customers were delivered items like pet food and kitchen appliances, and the company has yet to say where and how these thefts took place. According to an investigation by freelance journalist Bex April May, which we we recently covered, Amazon’s warehouses have multiple security measures and checkpoints in place. However, there is a potential for items to be stolen or swapped en route.

Here’s hoping that Amazon has figured things out because if it didn’t, who’s to say the replacement consoles aren’t going to end up being swapped with nerf guns and air fryers?

Have any of our readers based in the UK received a console or offer of a replacement from Amazon? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Push Square]