Days Gone Devs/Sony Veterans Jeff Ross and John Garvin Announce Their Departures

Two long-time Sony Interactive Entertainment employees and Days Gone leads have announced their departures from the company on Twitter.

Jeff Ross, a 14-year Sony veteran, said that he plans to move to Chicago in the near future. John Garvin, who served Sony for over 20 years, revealed yesterday that he hasn’t been with the company since Days Gone shipped, but was unable to reveal this news until now. Garvin has decided to take a break from the games industry. He wrote:

Since Days Gone shipped, I’ve been focusing on personal projects: painting, writing, publishing, and generally, enjoying a break from the game industry. For those that don’t know, I moved to Bend, Oregon in 1997, and began work as art director for Eidetic, a tiny 12-person studio headed by the legendary Marc Blank (creator of Zork). Over the past two decades, I helped the studio grow into a major developer, now part of the Sony family. Along the way, I wrote and directed every game from Syphon Filter through Days Gone, including two of my favorites, Resistance: Retribution, and Uncharted Golden Abyss. 

I want to thank the fans of Days Gone, Syphon Filter, R:R, and UGA. You are the best. For me, these weren’t just game projects, they were labors of love and you made all the hours it took us to create them worthwhile. Thank you!

Ross said that he’s proud of the games he worked on but he’s looking forward to new challenges and will share his post-Sony plans later.

Thanks, ResetEra.