The Last of Us HBO Showrunner Will Share Some ‘Modest’ News About the Series Soon

We’ve barely heard anything from the folks behind the upcoming HBO television series based on The Last of Us. However, that’s set to change “soon enough.” According to showrunner Craig Mazin, the team will share some “modest” news with those hungry for information.

As spotted by GamesRadar, Mazin tweeted a gif on January 13th that said “7 days.” Folks outside the United States assumed he was teasing something related to The Last of Us, but as it turned out, the gif was referring to incoming president Joe Biden’s inauguration. Mazin then followed up with a tweet confirming that’s exactly what he meant.

In a video message released ahead of Consumer Electronics Show 2021, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that the Uncharted film and The Last of Us TV show are “just the beginning of the expansion of our storytelling into new media and even wider audiences.” “Sony is a creative company, and entertainment has never been more important,” he added.

What we do know so far is that the show hopes to be a “gritty, emotional journey” like the series.

As usual, we’ll update our readers when the (modest) news drops so stay tuned.