The Sinking City Arrives on PS5 Tomorrow, No Upgrade Option for PlayStation 4 Players

Most developers and publishers like to have plenty of time to advertise that their games are coming to new platforms. Frogwares prefers the stealth-drop method. After a PS5 version of The Sinking City mysteriously appeared on the PlayStation Store in some regions, developer Frogwares has now confirmed this version of the game will be released tomorrow. Unfortunately PS4 players won’t be getting a free update due to the next-gen version being self-published by Frogwares..

The PlayStation 5 version has received several upgrades. These include improved graphics with native 4K resolution and 60fps, “significantly” faster load times thanks to the console’s SSD drive, PS5 Activities support, and DualSense features, although the latter wasn’t detailed any further. The next-gen version will come in both a standard edition and a Deluxe Edition. The latter will include The Worshipers of the Necronomicon and Merciful Madness—both of which include extra quests—an Experience Boost, early access to the Chicago Organ Grinder weapon, and the Investigator Pack with a bonus outfit and other equipment. The Merciful Madness DLC is also available on PlayStation for the first time, previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Players who purchased the PlayStation 4 version of the game will not be able to get an upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. This is due to the ongoing legal issues between Frogwares and the game’s previous publisher Nacon, as well the games having different IDs because Frogwares is self-publishing the PS5 editions. Until the legal situation is sorted out, Frogwares won’t be able to offer an upgrade. These issues had previously led to the delisting of the game from the PlayStation Store and other marketplaces, although the game has since reappeared while negotiations continue.

The PS5 title will be noticeably cheaper than its PlayStation 4 equivalent, just $49.99 for the standard edition and $64.99 for the Deluxe Edition. PlayStation Plus members will also get a 30% discount on the game’s price until March 4. Head of Production Serge Chervonnyi explained why:

As the sole owner and publisher of The Sinking City on PS5, we have chosen to price the game in a region that we feel is fair to players for this type of game. We’ll also be carefully looking at how we price all our future releases to try keep with this way of thinking.

The game arrives on PlayStation 5 tomorrow, February 19. Frogwares is also creating an “extensive” digital artbook charting the game from conception all the way to its release. PS5 players will automatically receive the artbook for free at some point in the future.

[Source: Frogwares]