alpha betas exclusive clip scene follow missions

This Alpha Betas Exclusive Clip Gets to the Heart of the Frustrations We All Have With Follow Missions

Follow missions suck, right? They’re boring. The AI never walks fast enough. It’s a frustrating limitation in game design that forces the player to a snail’s pace while they watch awkward AI pathing play out.

Alpha Betas is an upcoming show that revels in its irreverent parody of gaming culture, and we’ve got an exclusive scene that you can’t see anywhere else just yet. This exclusive clip cuts right to the heart of the “follow mission,” and just what happens when one player loses his patience. Check it out below. (And be warned, the scene gets a little gory, so it’s a good thing we’re all working from home right now, right?)

Alpha Betas is a new animated show starring YouTube gaming personalities VanossGaming (Evan Fong), BasicallyIDoWrk (Marcel Cunningham), I AM WILDCAT (Tyler Wine) and Terroriser (Brian Hanby). Video games run the world thanks to a secret CIA program, and this elite virtual strike force of four top gamers drops into various virtual worlds in order to stop events that threaten the fate of the world. The “Alpha Team,” as they are known, is four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys at the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in a variety of pixelated worlds inspired by video games.

Alpha Betas is described as Rick & Morty meets Westworld, and it combines the talents of the aforementioned YouTube personalities with production company 3BLACKDOT, award-winning animation studio STARBURNS INDUSTRIES (the studio behind Rick & Morty) and showrunners Chris Bruno & David Lee (Facebook’s Human Discoveries). It will also feature the voice talents of voice talents of Hollywood heavy-hitters like Paget Brewster (Friends), Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Chris Parnell (SNL), Brent Morin (Chelsea Lately) and John DiMaggio (Futurama).

The show combines TV-quality production with YouTube talent, in a blend of internet content creation and traditional entertainment formats that’s never been seen before. Alpha Betas’ half-hour pilot episode will premiere on VanossGaming’s YouTube channel on March 13, 2021. Plans for future content beyond the pilot will be shaped by how fans react to and engage with the pilot episode.

You can watch the announcement trailer on YouTube, as well as two additional clips that have been released ahead of the premiere: One showing the team arriving at CIA headquarters with some… unusual… luggage, and the other looking at the team inside a Red Dead Redemption-inspired general store, acquiring goods for their mission.