watch dogs legion release date

Watch Dogs: Legion Getting Cross-Play and Cross-Gen Play in a Future Update

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs: Legion will get cross-play and cross-gen play in a future update.

A release date or window for the feature has not been provided yet, but Ubisoft tweeted in response to a fan that its development team is already on the task.

The tweet reads:

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s multiplayer is currently live on consoles, albeit with limited features. According to Ubisoft, its development team identified technical issues ahead of launch, leading to a limited release and an indefinite delay of the mode on PC.

The studio wrote:

We have identified an issue that can cause the game to crash during the Tactical Op. Therefore we have made the decision to launch it on Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia on March 23.

PlayStation 4/5 will have limited in-game text chat at launch, and we are working on a fix for this, which will be coming on March 23 as well.

We are committed to delivering the best experience to all players and are working diligently to address the issues outlined above. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

It’s probably safe to assume that Ubisoft will prioritize fully launching multiplayer before implementing cross-play and cross-gen play, so expect the update to take a while. Nevertheless, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and keep you posted.