Titanfall Studio Respawn Entertainment Is Currently Building a New IP From Scratch

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that it is currently building a brand new IP from scratch. CEO and founder Vince Zampella confirmed the news by retweeting a job opportunity. The tweet specifically states:

Zampella added:

Despite the tweets mentioning “new IP,” fans flocked to their replies with demands of Titanfall 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel. However, Respawn has made it clear that its mystery project is neither of the two.

“We are looking for a Software Engineer to join a compact incubation team currently developing a brand new IP,” reads the job description. Perks of the job include:

  • Early involvement in developing a brand new IP.
  • Pioneer new ways to enable “adventuring until the heat death of the universe”.
  • Hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime.

The tweets as well as the job description reiterate that the project is in very early stages. One of the responsibilities of the aforementioned role is to be “involved in building the foundations of the team,” which includes recruiting and onboarding more team members.

While Respawn has been involved in multiplayer experiences, the studio is no stranger to building solid single-player campaigns, as evidenced in Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall 2. As for what it’s building next, we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for our readers.