PS5 DualSense Technology is Sparking Interest With Plenty of Third-Party Peripheral Manufacturers

Immersion Corporation is the company that created the haptic feedback technology in the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. In a recent earnings call to accompany their latest financial report, Immersion revealed the controller is “sparking a lot of interest among third-party peripheral manufacturers.”

Sony recently revealed they’d shipped 7.8 million PS5 consoles as of March 2021, with many more DualSense 5 controllers sold alongside them. Despite the shortage of consoles, demand for the PS5 and DualSense remains high and this is great news for Immersion Corporation. The company’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Jared Smith explained they expected Immersion’s revenue to grow next year primarily because of Sony PS5 DualSense controller shipments.

The company is currently “expanding [the] role of haptics and our technology in gaming and VR products” and they expect demand for this technology to increase in the sector. Immersion has already been in talks with other companies to use their technology elsewhere:

I can’t comment on specific engagements, but we’re talking to a number of other players in that market. We did announce our collaboration with StrikerVR, which is a company that makes accessory technology that’s going to utilize our trigger technology. And we have those discussions ongoing with others in terms of what their shipment plans would be in terms of when they can — whether they would intersect the holiday season, I can’t comment on, but the DualSense controller is certainly sparking a lot of interest among third-party peripheral manufacturers. I just don’t have a comment on timing of when that might hit.

Third party companies have already begun to confirm they are working on PS5 controllers. As reported by WCCFTech, SCUF parent company Corsair confirmed it is currently working on a SCUF controller that will also work with PS5 games. Currently Sony’s own DualSense controller is the only one that is compatible with PS5 titles but it might not be like this for much longer.

[Source: Immersion Corporation via Seeking Alpha, WCCFTech]