PlayStation Tournaments Open Series July 2021

Sony Will Add Three More PS4 Tournaments to its PlayStation Tournaments Open Series, Including Tekken 7 and Auto Chess

Sony is adding three new PlayStation 4 tournaments to the Open Series section of PlayStation Tournaments. Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Strive, and Auto Chess will all be added to the game roster next month.

The first of the new tournaments to begin will be Tekken 7. The first qualifier will begin on July 7 and further qualifiers will take place on a weekly schedule. Guilty Gear Strive qualifiers follow on July 9 while Auto Chess begins on July 11. In the qualifiers, players will battle against four opponents of similar skill based on their game record so far. If they qualify for the Monthly Final, they’ll then compete against the top players of the month.

Those who complete the four qualifying matches in any title will get a Base Theme and Avatar from that game and PS4 Tournaments. Ranking in the top 40% earns an Elite Theme and Avatar from that game and PS4 Tournaments. Coming first will earn $100.

Those who come in the top 16 of any of the four Open Qualifiers will be placed into the Monthly Final. All participants here will get a PS4 Tournaments Champions Theme and Avatar. Fourth place gets $100, third place gets $200, and second place gets $300. Coming first will net that player a Champions Theme and Avatar from that title, as well as $400.

Auto Chess will also offer additional prizes. The first 20 players to sign up and play in the tournament will get a single Gold Donut Box. The next 80 players to take part will get five Silver Donut Boxes. The player who comes fourth in the Monthly final will get 1000 Donuts and their pick of a chess piece skin from the in-game store. Third place will get 2000 Donuts and a chess piece skin, while second place will get 3000 Donuts and a chess piece skin. The player who comes first will get 5000 Donuts and their choice of chessboard, player, or piece skin from the in-game store.

PlayStation Tournaments launched in 2016 and gives players a chance to win prize bundles that included PlayStation accessories and gear. The Open Series was added in 2020 and aimed to make competitive gaming more accessible by adding tournaments for more diverse titles. All tournaments can be accessed through the PS4 console or through the Competition Center and players must have a PlayStation Plus account to be able to compete.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]