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Here’s Some More Reassurance That ‘PS4-Exclusive’ WiLD Is Still in Development

Good news! Wild Sheep Studio’s PlayStation 4-exclusive (if it’s even that anymore) WiLD is still in development – nearly seven years after its announcement at gamescom 2014.

ResetEra era user PS9 spotted a series of new job vacancies advertised by Wild Sheep Studio just last week, some of which explicitly mention WiLD. While this is the only game the developer has always claimed to be working on, it’s still nice to know that WiLD hasn’t been canned in favor of a different project. After all, we’ve barely seen or heard about the game beyond reassurances that development is progressing. It also doesn’t help that Michel Ancel left the games industry after being accused of misconduct, which led to an investigation against him. While announcing his departure, Ancel said that WiLD and Beyond Good & Evil 2 were in good hands.

It’s unclear if Sony Interactive Entertainment is still funding the project. As pointed out by ResetEra user Jarod, the last confirmation of Sony’s involvement came in 2019 in a French newspaper. There have been no updates since then. Considering the PS5 will be approaching its first anniversary this November, it wouldn’t make much sense for WiLD to remain a PS4 exclusive (crazy to think it was announced when the PS4 was turning one).

“You will create the level art of some parts of the WILD world, from early stage to polish,” reads the job description for a Level Artist. “You will be solving technical problems that involve multiple disciplines, setting up and ensuring art pipelines are able to run efficiently and produce high quality output.”

Come back in 2022 for your next annual update on WiLD.

[Source: Wild Sheep Studio via ResetEra]