University Westminster Sony Black Students

University of Westminster Working With Sony to Provide Support for Black Students Through Scholarships and Programs

The University of Westminster is working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to provide support for Black students and other underrepresented groups through various scholarships as well as programs to promote careers in the video game and technology industries. Sony’s support will reportedly benefit 264 students in total from 2021 to 2025 both in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The programs largely revolve around the polytechnic school’s Computer Science and Engineering courses, particularly students interested in undergraduate and Master’s courses. Additionally, it has also created a Computer Games Design Saturday Skills Club for students aged 16 to 18, which will introduce students to skills and information about the video game industry.

According to the University, the Level-Playing Field Scholarship funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Career Pathways Program will support a total of 13 undergraduates in covering their tuition fees and living expenses, starting September 2021. Similarly, the program will also support an additional 11 students in postgraduate studies to cover tuition fees and living expenses, again from September 2021.

Head of Development at University of Westminster Jordan Scammell states that “as the first polytechnic in London,” the university has “historically supported students from under-privileged backgrounds and [they] are committed to providing opportunities so everyone can reach their true potential.” Historically, computing and technology-related sectors are occupied by a white, affluent majority, making it difficult for Black and marginalized members to access and grow their careers in the industry due to systemic racism and economic inequality.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Director of DE&I Tiffany Hester reiterated their support for these communities, stating:

We want to realize the power of education to generate economic wealth for Black people and other underrepresented groups … Our program’s mission is to drive a new era of creativity, development, and growth in the gaming industry by fostering strategic partnerships and providing career pathway opportunities to underrepresented communities.

[Source: University of Westminster]