Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Reloaded

Season Five Reloaded Begins Next Week in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Free Access Weekend Available Now

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone‘s mid-season update arrives next week. Season 5 Reloaded will bring new maps and modes to Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, new content for Zombies Outbreak and in round-based maps, and a new event in Warzone. Season Five Reloaded arrives in Black Ops Cold War on September 7 and Warzone on September 8.

Call of Duty Black ops Cold War Warzone Season Five Reloaded Roadmap

call of duty black ops cold war warzone season 5 reloaded

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer fans can jump into the Zoo multiplayer map that returns from 2011’s Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation DLC pack. The map is designed for 6v6 game modes and has reduced the playable space to the main animal exhibit and park areas. There is the chance to ride on the monorail though. Demolition mode also makes its return with players trying to detonate two bombsites.

Zombies Outbreak adds a new Armada region located in the North Atlantic Ocean, based around the multiplayer map of the same name. Its main feature is a sunken prototype nuclear submarine over which NATO and the Warsaw Pact used to argue. A new Black Chest World Event will be added to all Outbreak Regions, although details “are for Requiem agents to discover.” Round-based map players won’t miss out either with the introduction of the Rampage Inducer, which increases the difficulty to “Cranked-level proportions” until Round 20 if players want to accept the challenge.

The PlayStation-exclusive Onslaught mode now has the new Drive-In map complete with new intel. There will also be a Diminishing Light limited-time mode. Here players have to stop an Orb from imploding by either shooting it to slow down its collapse or collecting clock power ups. Completed Surges reset the Orb to its original size; players completing 30 Surges will earn the “Soviet Red” Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint.

Warzone gets a new 50v50 Clash mode that takes place on select areas of the Verdansk map. The aim is to be the first team to 500 points by killing enemies and completing Contracts. Downed enemies will drop powerups to switch things up. There’s also a new Iron Trials ’84 mode with altered rules. Base health has been increased, health regen has been changed, loadout drops have been removed, Buy Station costs have increased, and Gulag rules are tougher.

Season 5 Reloaded also heralds the coming of The Numbers limited time event, which will begin on September 21. The Mobile Broadcast Stations that appeared around Verdansk at the start of Season 5 will start broadcasting the Dragovich Program tapes. Interacting with the stations rewards players with a $2,000 Cash bonus while each activated station also gives an exclusive reward like a Sticker, Calling Card, or Charm. The event will add nine challenges to both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War that will give more cosmetic rewards upon completion. The ultimate prize is the Sai dual-wield melee weapon for completing all nine challenges in either game.

Finally, the new Hudson Operator will be added to the store to use in both games. He’ll be part of a Store Bundle with three Legendary Weapon Blueprints. Other new store content includes limited-time Judge Dredd Operator skins for Beck (one is black and white cel-shaded) and the addition of Oktoberfest, Motocross, and Ghost Ship Mastercraft bundles.

Those wanting to try out Black Ops Cold War before the new content drops can make use of the Free Access period that’s currently running. From now until September 7, players can try out nine multiplayer modes across more than 25 maps, including the new Double Agent mode, and Zombies Outbreak and Onslaught modes. Those who already own the game aren’t left out. You can make use of yet another Double XP weekend. Beginning 10am PT today, September 3, and running until the same time on September 7, players can get Double XP across all modes.

Season Five Reloaded arrives in Black Ops Cold War on September 7 and Warzone on September 8.

[Source: Treyarch, Call of Duty]