Oddworld Soulstorm Enhanced Edition

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition Will Be a Free Update for Owners of the Game

Microids has announced Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition. This new version of Oddworld: Soulstorm includes all previously released updates and gameplay enhancements made to the base game with even more changes and fixes to come. Oddworld Inhabitants later confirmed those who already own Oddworld: Soulstorm on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC will receive the Enhanced Edition update for free, while the base version of game will be updated to the Enhanced Edition on the various storefronts for any new purchasers.

Details on the gameplay enhancements are scarce at the moment but will include “improved gameplay mechanics and motion code.” While we thought the game was stormier than it should be at launch with a plethora of bugs, the developer has been working hard to fix many of the issues. The latest patch was version 1.13 released in June and featured a long list of fixes. They can be seen below to give you some idea of what has been fixed since Oddworld: Soulstorm‘s initial release.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Versison 1.13 Patch Notes

Level-specific bug fixes

  • Fix for incorrectly spawning RPG Slig in Yards ending descent
  • Fix for Mudokons teleporting onto a small lift in Escape
  • Fix for being able to see fire through a platform in Hijack
  • Fix to ensure Quarma for each level is set correctly
  • Fix to a specific rocksaw in Necrum
  • Fix to prevent Abe being locked if he hit a checkpoint while crouched and then stood up in Slig Barracks
  • Multiple out-of-gameworld jump fixes
  • Dying after pressing the final button in Yards no longer locks the game
  • Mudokons no longer get stuck at the bottom of the destructible tower in Necrum Mines
  • Adjustments to the position of mines in Necrum Mines to allow for easier interaction with a door
  • The destruction of the bridge in Ruins no longer leaves a piece of wooden bridge on the ground
  • The rocksaws in Necrum no longer drift apart in their timing
  • Fix to intro cutscene in Necrum Mines

Abe-related bug fixes

  • Improvements to Abe’s backwards walk when stealth aiming
  • Improvements to the haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 throughout the game
  • Players can now alter their throw distance when using a mouse on PC by adjusting the aim distance or using the scrollwheel
  • Abe no longer auto-crouches when pushing against a pounder
  • Abe no longer dies when touching an inactive pounder
  • Abe will no longer get zapped on respawning after being zapped
  • Improvements to the possession orb controls
  • Abe will now be correctly crushed under a slamdoor when an NPC has pulled that door’s lever
  • Abe now correctly animates when unlocking a locked locker
  • Improvements to monkeybars
  • Improvements to Abe’s motioncode when rolling and hoisting
  • Fixes for a bug that caused Abe to roll indefinitely in Sanctum

AI/NPC bug fixes

  • Fixes to Sligs randomly appearing to be frozen in Eye Of The Storm
  • Sligs no longer have a delayed reaction to bouncy rock candy
  • Sligs will now correctly raise the alert level when hit with a non-lethal item
  • Sligs no longer shoot through possessed Sligs if they are too close to an edge
  • Mudokon hats no longer pop off when Muds are told to wait and then follow
  • Mudokons no longer chatter when killed
  • The Sligs in Ruins now continue to fire upon the Mudokons after waking from being knocked out
  • Sick Muds no longer become sick again if Abe heals before talking to them
  • Mudokons no longer throw into the distance at Sligs far away in Feeco Depot
  • Mudokons now react properly to slamdoors being closed
  • Mudokons no longer stop following Abe for a brief second when he double jumps
  • Dead Slogs no longer distort their meshes when being hit

Other fixes

  • The Royal Jelly effects now correctly persist after a checkpoint
  • Mines now restore their spinning components after a checkpoint
  • Improvements to the GameSpeak control settings on PC
  • The PlayStation 5 light bar will now be on by default for new players
  • Improvements to texture resolution on PlayStation 4
  • Further fixes to non-visible, closed slamdoors (especially in Slig Barracks)
  • Mortar shells (in Blimp and Sorrow Valley) have been adjusted for difficulty and now accurately land where Abe would have been when they were fired, making them more predictable and avoidable
  • Improvements to subtitles
  • Improvements to the voiceover in the final fight
  • Items from crates will no longer fall through the floor after Abe respawns in The Blimp
  • Fixes to the Gameplay Master Trophy
  • Added Master Volume to the audio settings
  • Improvements to Greeter audio
  • Welding torches now respect the “Reduce Strobing” accessibility option
  • Additions to the credits
  • Smoke clouds (for example, from steam grates or smoke bombs) have reduced highlights when they pickup light from Slig gunfire
  • Fixes to certain pickups not being present after a respawn in The Funicular

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition is due to be released at the end of November. The game will also debut on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One at the same time.

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