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Remedy Says It Has No Plans to Remaster Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Remedy Entertainment has said that it has no plans to remaster Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the Alan Wake spin-off that it released in 2012.

In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, communications director Thomas Puha said that it made sense to remaster the original game and its two downloadable content packs to introduce the franchise to a new audience. The spin-off was never part of the plan.

“For this remaster it was really ‘okay, it’s the original game and the two DLC story episodes and that just makes for a sensible Alan Wake experience and package,’ and that’s how we approached it,” Puha said.

Puha reiterated that Remedy wanted to bring Alan Wake to a new audience for a long time. It just had to wait to acquire publishing rights from Microsoft. However, Puha made it clear that Microsoft was really helpful, especially when Alan Wake‘s music licenses expired and the Xbox maker helped put Alan Wake back on shelves.

“We never had Alan Wake on modern platforms, and have never had it on PlayStation at all, so we’ve always felt that there’s a sizeable audience out there who’ve never had the opportunity to play the game so once we got the publishing rights back it was pretty clear that ‘okay, we should, and we want to, make a remaster’, and really we kicked it off pretty fast then,” Puha continued.

When asked what the future holds for Alan Wake now that the remaster has been released, Puha declined to comment.

“I can only reiterate that the point of that was to bring it [Alan Wake] to a larger audience, and that’s all we’re going to say on that topic,” he added.

[Source: VGC]