PlayStation Plus Games October 2021

PSA: It’s the Last Day to Redeem the October 2021 PlayStation Plus Free Games

Every time I write one of these, I end up a little bit chocked at time moving forward. October is over, and it is now November 2021. We just have two months left in the year, and that monstrous February 2022 release period is very nearly upon us. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Today is the last day you have to claim the October 2021 free PS Plus games before they leave the service. Hell Let Loose for PlayStation 5, as well as PGA Tour 2K21 and Mortal Kombat X for PS4 are all leaving PS Plus tomorrow, November 2nd, with three new games, and three bonus PSVR games, coming in to take their place.

Hell Let Loose is a brand new first-person war shooter, launched with PS Plus. It includes two game modes, Warfare and Offensive, taking place on a total of ten maps set on the Western Front that can support two teams of 50 players each. PGA Tour 2K21 is a golf game, and Mortal Kombat X is the 10th numbered game in the fighting series. Interestingly, Mortal Kombat X is part of the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners, so if you have a PS5, you’ll still be able to redeem it even after it leaves the service. But make sure to redeem the other two before tomorrow replaces these games.

Remember that you don’t have to download the PS Plus free games in order to redeem the titles for the month. You also don’t need to own a PS5 to add them all to your library. If you still haven’t purchased the next-gen console, make sure to add all of the titles, including the PS5 ones, to your library anyway via the browser-based PlayStation Store in order to build up a collection of PS5 games ready to play. As long as you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll have access to your full library of free games for both PS4 and PS5 whenever you do pick up Sony’s next-gen platform.

The November 2021 free PS Plus games include Knockout City and First Class Trouble for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning for PlayStation 4 only, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, The Persistence, and Until You Fall for PSVR. These games will go live for PS Plus subscribers on November 2nd.

Before those new games go live however, don’t forget to add the October 2021 free PS Plus games to your library now!