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Co-Op Game ‘It Takes Two’ Hit By Trademark Claim From Take-Two, Forcing Hazelight to Abandon Trademark

Hazelight Studio has been forced to abandon the trademark for its popular co-op game It Takes Two following a rather bizarre trademark claim made by publishing giant Take-Two Interactive.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Hazelight said that while the studio “cannot comment on ongoing disputes,” it’s “hopeful” that the issue will be resolved somehow.

This isn’t the first time Take-Two has filed claims against anything that remotely sounds like one of its properties. As Eurogamer pointed out, Take-Two has previously contested names that contain “rockstar, social club, mafia, civilization,” and more. The publisher previously disputed a Chinese company’s trademark claim for “Starrocks,” a clothing brand called “Max Fayne,” a music brand named “Think Like A Rockstar,” among others.

Apparently, one Florida-based axe-throwing company called “Rockstar Axe Throwing,” has decided to fight Take-Two, but the publisher has responded by dragging the case out. From the looks of things, it seems that most companies abandon trademark claims because of their inability to fight a cash-loaded Take-Two.

“You can start to see applicants peremptorily limit their own applications to (try to) avoid getting extended out, as well as plenty of folks with legitimate applications simply choosing not to fight by defaulting on the opposition,” said games industry lawyer, Richard Hoeg. “If you look at the Trial and Appeals Board, you can see that Take-Two has filed at least extension requests for 25 challenges in the last three months. Most other game companies go back six or seven years to get to that number. Take-Two is being very, very aggressive.”

Take-Two declined Eurogamer’s request for comment.

[Source: Eurogamer]