Hot Wheels Unleashed Sales

Hot Wheels Unleashed Sales Hit 1 Million Units

Milan-based developer Milestone has announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed officially crossed the 1 million unit sales mark. This makes Hot Wheels Unleashed Milestone’s fastest-selling title ever. Milestone CEO Luisa Bixio and Mattel’s Head of Digital Gaming thanked fans for their continued support and promised more content releasing later in 2022.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade-style racing game that features titular toy cars as drivable vehicles. Milestone announced the title back in February, and the game officially launched on September 27, 2021. The game features everything from collectible cars of all shapes and sizes, a track editor, and a multiplayer mode that pits you against other players from around the world.

Critics received the game fairly positively (we gave it a pretty high score ourselves in our official review). It was even nominated for Best Racing Game during The Game Awards 2021. And with the 1 million unit sales milestone, it looks like a lot of players liked Hot Wheels Unleashed as well.

In an official press release, Bixio says, “Ever since we announced Hot Wheels Unleashed back in February, we’ve received thousands of heartfelt messages from fans … This milestone is the umpteenth display of affection from our passionate community.” Adding to that, Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel Andrew Chan states the company is “look[ing] forward to even more fans discovering the game and new upcoming content as we head into 2022.”

Hot Wheels Unleashed is immediately available for the PS4 and PS5, as well as PC via Steam and EGS, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch.