PlayStation News November 2021

2021 Year in Review: A Massive Unannounced PlayStation Remake May be Chrono Cross

Today is the final day of our year in review and we head into November where things have definitely become quieter. Rumors of a “massive” unannounced PlayStation remake gathered momentum when the game was reported to be Chrono Cross Remastered, although not a PlayStation exclusive. Sony’s PlayStation VR peripheral also celebrated its fifth anniversary with players.

A Massive PlayStation Remake May be Chrono Cross

PlayStation News November 2021

Rumors of a “massive PlayStation remake” has started to appear in October, but they gathered momentum in November when a renowned leaker said the remake would be Chrono Cross Remastered. The remake would not be PlayStation exclusive. The rumors were leant credence as Chrono Cross was another title mentioned in the GeForce Now internal databse leak in September. Chrono Cross composer Yasunori Mitsuda had also tweeted a picture of himself with Michael McGlynn and his daughter Ashlyn as they prepared to record music remotely.

The rumors also said the remake was due to be announced during the holiday season. Many assumed this would be during The Game Awards in December although we’ve entered 2022 with no news of any potential remake. Whether the announcement has been delayed or whether it never existed in the first place is something only time will tell.

PlayStation VR Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary with Players

PlayStation News November 2021

The PlayStation VR headset celebrated its fifth anniversary in October, but it wasn’t until November that players were able to celebrate with Sony. Three free PSVR games were given away with that month’s PlayStation Plus games: The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, The Persistence, and Until You Fall. The games were available for a two month period, which means those of you who haven’t downloaded the games can do so until January 3. Once the games have been redeemed they can be downloaded at any time as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription.

Disc Console Owners Get the Right to Repair Them

Sony and Microsoft may well offer their own repair programs for their consoles, but some companies judge this as inadequate. Because of the way the console marries the motherboard and optical drive, it is also often impossible for third parties to repair the consoles too. This changed in November when the US Copyright Office amended the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to give console owners the right to repair their own optical drives. While it’s a step in the right direction, the amendent only applies to optical drives and no other part of the console, meaning digital console owners are still stuck with PlayStation’s repair terms.

The Tomorrow Children IP Returns to Q-Games

PlayStation News November 2021

In what was described as a “historical move by Sony Interactive Entertainment”, Q-Games gained the IP rights to The Tomorrow Children from Sony. They also announced they would be rebuilding the game ready for its re-release for unspecified platforms. Q-Games later confirmed one of those platforms would be a return to the PlayStation 4 in 2022. However, whereas the game was originally a free-to-play online multiplayer offering, the game is unlikely to be free-to-play upon its return and it will also use a peer-to-peer service.The progression and game systems will also be revamped and there’s every chance we’ll see post-launch content too if player reception is good enough.

Our Favorite November 2021 Anecdote

PlayStation News November 2021

Sony closed down PlayStation Home six years ago. However, a dedicated group of fans has spent that time trying to bring the social hub back to life, and they claim they’ve succeeded. The restored version includes offline gameplay as well as public/private lobbies and it all happened thanks to other people “donating much-needed Home data” from their own PS3 consoles. The group promises to continue adding more content to explore in the hub as time goes on.

PSLS Game of November 2021: The Wild at Heart

PlayStation News November 2021

The Wild at Heart tells a sweet story about magic, childhood, and friendship. With its enchanting music and gorgeous environments to explore, it’s a beautiful adventure that will keep you captivated until the end. Having the spritelings to solve puzzles and fight for you is a really fun gameplay mechanic and adds lots of interesting dynamics to the puzzles. The Wild at Heart has plenty of secrets to discover and it’s a real joy to try to uncover them all.

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