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Sonic Frontiers Original 2021 Release Date Was Delayed Over Quality Improvements

Sega Sammy Holdings has revealed in its latest financial report that the recently-announced Sonic Frontiers was originally planned for release in 2021 to mark the franchise’s 30th anniversary. However, the company decided to delay the game to improve its quality.

In response to a question about Sega’s sale targets for Sonic Frontiers, the company’s management said that it expects to exceed the first-year sales of Sonic Forces because this is the first “completely new” Sonic title in “many years” and Sega is targeting a global, multiplatform rollout.

“This is the title with no compromise in terms of quality and that has taken on many new challenges,” the report reads. Speaking of quality, Sega said that it has started conducting quality analysis of its titles during various stages of development, and as a result, it has “high expectations” when it comes to Sonic Frontiers.

Elsewhere in the report, Sega said that while Sonic video games continue to be the main profit drivers for the series, the success of its film ventures has helped to boost Sonic‘s audience.

“As the effect of hit of the movie, the situations in which parents and children of two generations can enjoy Sonic IP together is increasing, so we think it is important to release high-quality games at this timing,” Sega wrote (verbatim). “For the expansion other than the game, we believe that it is principle to work with partners who are reliable and can provide high-quality products and services.”

Sonic Frontiers will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in holiday 2022.

[Source: Sega via ResetEra]