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PS5 DualSense Controller Gets Fan-Made Adapter for One-Handed Play

The PS5 DualSense controller is arguably the best that Sony has put out for its PlayStation consoles, but it’s not exactly accessible. With the Xbox Adaptive Controller allowing anyone to pick up an Xbox controller and play, Sony has yet to follow suit, though one creative designer has put in the work to show how an accessible PS5 controller could look.

How does the PS5 controller adapter work?

YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has created an adapter for the PS5 DualSense controller, which allows for one-handed play. The adapter was created for Snap-On Controller Mods contest to help people with physical disabilities and can be downloaded and 3D printed for free.

In the video below, Akaki Kuumeri showcases how the adapter works. Although he only showed off right-handed play, the design can be swapped for left-handed use.

It’s a complex design that makes all inputs accessible on either side of the controller. For instance, when playing a shooter, you can hold down L2 and shoot with R2 using just your index finger. The analog sticks are attached to a rubber shoe which, when placed on a lap, can be balanced and moved around easily. There’s a separate attachment for the face buttons or the D-pad (depending on which side players are using) that allows for pressing buttons without having to move your hand over to the other side.

Opinion: Sony needs to make an accessible PS5 controller

Zarmena writes… Sony needs to make a DualSense version of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. As the games industry endeavors to become more accessible and video games are designed with a wealth of accessibility options, it only makes sense for Sony to invest in a design that helps those with disabilities. It’s about time we recognized that gaming is for everyone.

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