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Report: Hogwarts Legacy May Be Delayed Again

A new report suggests that Hogwarts Legacy release may be pushed yet again. This time, to 2023. The game was originally scheduled for release in 2021 but exactly a year ago, it was handed a 2022 release window.

This new rumor has been floated by industry insider and Sacred Symbols host, Colin Moriarty, who claims to have heard “behind the scenes that game isn’t coming out this year.” He further claimed that Hogwarts Legacy is “in some sort of trouble.”

Hogwarts Legacy release may have been affected by the pandemic

Recent rumors suggested that we’ll see Hogwarts Legacy at an upcoming PlayStation State of Play event and WB Games recently tweeted that it’s “excited to share more news and updates” about the game in 2022. However, considering that we’ve barely seen anything of the title or heard much since its last delay, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Avalanche is gearing up to show some gameplay rather than announce a release date.

Over the past year, numerous games have been hit by delays due challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic so we won’t be surprised if Hogwarts Legacy is next in line.

Opinion: Hogwarts Legacy’s delay may work out for the best

Zarmena writes… Hogwarts Legacy sounds like an ambitious title that I’m personally looking forward to, and if Cyberpunk 2077 is any indication, a delay is better than a rushed release. That said, Moriarty’s claim of development troubles does worry me a little bit and will be a shame if true. Only time will tell if that February State of Play is actually going to happen and whether Hogwarts Legacy is a part of it or not.

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