Twisted Metal TV Show

Twisted Metal is Coming to Peacock as a Comedy Show

Twisted Metal is back, but not in the form most fans hoped. Instead, the franchise is being transformed into a live-action comedy for Peacock by Sony Pictures TV, PlayStation Productions, and Universal Television. It’ll be a unique take on the property which will have a wise-cracking amnesiac fighting his way across a post-apocalyptic landscape to deliver a package for the promise of a better life.

Who’s starring in the Twisted Metal TV show?

Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Vehicle

Anthony Mackie will star as John Doe, a milkman that has no idea who he is or from whence he came. The half-hour comedy will put Doe against marauders and psychopaths as he tries to escape the hellscape for something better. Familiar faces might show up along the way, including a certain ice cream truck driving clown.

Asad Qizilbash, head of PlayStation Productions said:

Twisted Metal is one of PlayStation’s most beloved franchises. We are thrilled to have such an amazing creative team and partners working together who have such passion for this iconic property. We can’t wait for fans to see what we have planned for them.

Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan will be the showrunner and server as writer on the series. The casting for other roles hasn’t been revealed yet, and release timing hasn’t been discussed either.

Opinion: Make a new game

The video game industry collectively shot its wad concerning vehicular combat in the late 1990s and early 2000s. We just don’t see many games in the genre anymore. That’s not to say a new Twisted Metal game would do poorly, though. On the contrary, people were excited about Destruction AllStars because they hoped for a spiritual successor to Twisted Metal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what people hoped, mainly because it lacked character (and had invasive microtransactions). A well-crafted Twisted Metal game could single-handedly revive this style of game and satisfy a fanbase that’s been asking for a new title for years.