Gran Turismo 7 Fan Backlash Credit Payout Nerf

Gran Turismo 7 Fans Angry Over Massive Nerf to Credit Payouts

Gran Turismo 7 is facing fan backlash over the game’s latest patch which substantially reduces the credit payout for completing races. Many fans find this move to be a blunt method to force people into purchasing microtransactions for in-game currency in order to collect highly-priced and highly-prized cars that are available only for a limited time.

The reason behind the Gran Turismo 7 fan backlash

According to a Discord user named ddm (via Reddit), while the v1.07 patch has fixed the payouts for a few World Touring Car 800 races, it has slashed many others that were being used to grind credits (it caused servers to crash too). The full breakdown of changes to credit payouts can be seen in the image below.

Gran Turismo 7 Fan Backlash Credit Payouts Nerf Update
Image Credit: ddm (on Discord)

Typically in Gran Turismo titles, you need to grind races to earn enough credits to afford some of the exorbitant price tags for cars, especially the ones the game marks as “legendary” cars.

However, in Gran Turismo 7 the grind has been made even steeper than it was originally. Many legendary cars rotate in and out of the shop to create a FOMO effect to encourage players to purchase credits through microtransactions. Also note that players are unable to sell any cars they earn for credits as in past Gran Turismo titles.

Currently, there are four credit packs available for purchase, with 100k credits being $2.49 and 2m credits being $19.99. Compared to the cars in Gran Turismo Sport, the real-world price for the same car in Gran Turismo 7 is extremely high. For instance, a McLaren P1 GTR’16 costs only about $5 in GT Sport but $40 in GT7.

Multiple Reddit users have lambasted the developer for the nerf to credit payouts:

– How tf are we supposed to get 12 millions for a car with those payments.

– This must be a f***ing joke right? Only 2 races give enough money to buy a set of tires now.

– Man I really paid £70 for a supposedly AAA game with the same base structure as a Chinese FTP mobile game.

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