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Fall Guys Gets New Trophy Lists Thanks to Launcher Migration Next Month

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be getting a new launcher on PS4 next month. All players will need to download the new launcher to be able to continue playing the game as the old launcher will be retired shortly afterwards. The good news is that the new launcher brings along a new trophy list. The bad news is the original trophies will likely become discontinued alongside the old launcher.

When will the new Fall Guys PlayStation launcher be released?

Fall Guys

Fall Guys will be getting a new PlayStation 4 launcher on April 5. The old launcher will be removed from the Playstation Store the day before on April 4. However, players can still use the old launcher until its use is discontinued on May 9. All existing players, regardless of whether they purchased the game or got it through PlayStation Plus, will need to transfer over to the new launcher to continue playing the game. The reason for this is because the game’s publisher is changing to Epic Games. This means the game’s previous publisher, Devolver Digital, will no longer be involved.

Players will find that all of their Fall Guys in-game progress, costumes, Kudos, crowns, and other items will be carried over to the new launcher as it is all tied to their Epic Games account. All players who start the game through the new launcher will also receive a free Retro Shark outfit that can be downloaded from the DLC store until the end of Season 6. The game will also get “a few tweaks under the hood“, although Mediatonic didn’t specify what those would be.

The new launcher means that there is a brand new trophy list, as seen on Exophase. Well, actually there are two new trophy lists and we’re not entirely sure why, although they may be for different regions. Those who transfer to the new launcher will get their trophy progress transferred too, which likely means the new trophies will automatically unlock for those that have already met the requirements. However, if there are any trophies in the current list that you have yet to unlock, you have until May 9 to get the original Platinum trophy before all of those trophies become discontinued. Time to head back to the Blunderdome!

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