Elden Ring Map Overworld Bosses Reddit
Image Credit: PatrickGriffiths on Imgur

Stunning Fan-Made Elden Ring Map Shows Locations for Every Overworld Boss

A user on the official Elden Ring Reddit has updated the Elden Ring map with locations for every overworld, non-dungeon boss in the game. The result is a gorgeous, uncluttered map that should be a fantastic resource for all Elden Ring players. It’s also a good way to check and see how many overworld bosses you’ve defeated in your playthroughs thus far.

What is on this Elden Ring map for overworld bosses?

The creator of the map, user fdsfgs71 on Reddit, has supplied a description and a handy legend for the icons on the map. In general, he wanted to create map resource that was simple to read and showed bosses in the overworld “that aren’t separated by a boss fog or hidden away in a hidden mini-dungeon or legacy dungeon.” Due to how rare bosses in Ruins are, he decided to include them as well.

I just finished my clean looking, minimalistic, map of all the non-dungeon bosses in the game. Map legend is in the comments! from Eldenring

By using different shapes and colors, the markers on the map reveal when a boss appears based on the time of day, whether the boss is on horseback, if the boss flies, and whether the boss is an NPC invader, Evergoal boss, or Tibia Mariner. Some markers even have a ‘1’ or ‘2’ to indicate bosses that have multi-part phases at different locations.

Along with the mostly positive responses by other Elden Ring fans, the user is aware of multiple errors in this current version of the map. In particular, others have pointed out several bosses that were mistakenly marked for what time of day they appear or whether they are an Evergaol boss or not. No worries, though. The user plans on creating a second version of the map soon with all the corrections, so if you’re interested in using this as a resource, check back at the Reddit thread with the updated version.

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