Quantum Error Release Date PS5 Trailer Unreal Engine 5

Quantum Error Shows Off PS5 Teaser Trailer, Releasing This Year

Developer TeamKill Media has revealed a three-minute story teaser trailer for Quantum Error that runs on PS5 using an early access version of Unreal Engine 5. While the trailer doesn’t indicate when we will get our hands on this self-described cosmic-horror FPS, the developer has revealed that the Quantum Error release date will be some time this year.

What is the Quantum Error release date, and what is its progress?

First, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve forgotten about Quantum Error a bit, considering that some have unfortunately misconstrued the game as the sequel to Quantum Break. That might be flattering for TeamKill Media, as it’s a relatively small studio with AAA-sized dreams of creating a game that looks like a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Dead Space. But the last time PSLS covered Quantum Error was back in September 2020, when it was announced that the game was releasing on Xbox Series X when early marketing seemed to position itself as a PS4/PS5 exclusive.

Since then, it’s clear that TeamKill Media has been hard at work polishing the game to capture that unnerving, atmospheric, “mind screw” survival-horror tone. The progress Quantum Error has made over the last few years is impressive, in no small part due to their efforts using Unreal Engine 5.

TeamKill Media, according to one tweet (posted above) on the game’s official account, has set the Quantum Error release date for this year. According to another tweet, the developer plans to have Quantum Error last for 10-20 hours and promises not to have any microtransactions in the game.

One of the more intriguing parts of the story trailer is that it shows off the premise, pitting a firefighter in a dire, otherworldly situation. You start off attempting to put out a fire at the Monad Quantum Research Facility in San Francisco, but then things take a strange turn, according to the official blurb in the video’s description:

“Your mission is simple: save as many lives from the burning complex as possible and get out. However, what starts as a rescue mission quickly plummets into darkness, when you arrive and find that things are not as they appear.”

In other news, a market analysis firm believes that issues with the PS5 supply chain is worse than anticipated, and Skate 4 is supposed to be revealing itself soon.