Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Release Date

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Arrives This Week Alongside FOV Sliders

Dying Light 2: Stay Human New Game Plus mode has finally gotten a release date and will be arriving later this week. The mode will add scaling difficulty and extra bonuses for those who play through the game for a second time. The update will also add a FOV slider feature for PS5 players, as well as co-op and death loop bug fixes.

When will Dying Light 2 New Game Plus be released?

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus mode will be released on April 27 as part of update 1.3.0. Players will be able to keep all of their progress but will find plenty of additions to keep them occupied too. There are 30 new inhibitors hidden in “not so obvious places” so Aiden’s health and stamina can be maximized. Enemies will now scale to his level, but there are new special encounters for those wanting an extra challenge. Encounters that have golden marks have special enemies and “the diversity of their forms.” There’s also a new quest called “Something Big Has Been Here” with new enemies, mutated infected, and new attacks. Rewards will come in the form of Legendary weapons and other valuable items.

Other features of update 1.3.0 include FOV sliders for PS5 players. Techland has also “patched a bunch of co-op-related bugs, with some remaining death loops included”. Full patch notes will be available when the patch is released in a couple of days’ time. The update comes shortly after the team announced Dying Light 2 had sold 5 million copies by February 28, 2022, and this figure looks set to grow more as post-launch content is released. The original Dying Light has also reached lifetime sales of 20 million copies.

In other news, the long-awaited VRR support on PS5 consoles will be rolling out worldwide later this week. Several games will also be getting title updates to add VRR support, while future titles may release with VRR support from the outset. Elsewhere, console shortages meant PS5 sales in the US didn’t come close to comparing with Xbox series X|S or Nintendo Switch in March.