Fall Guys PS4 Launcher

Fall Guys Rumored to be Going F2P as Mediatonic Teases Biggest Ever Announcement

A major Fall Guys announcement is coming next week, and fans are speculating about what the future holds for the game. While the game was trendy when it was released in August 2020, it’s largely fallen out of the public consciousness since then. Epic Games acquired developer Mediatonic in March 2021, and a new launcher was recently released that requires players to link an Epic Games account. Many are assuming that figures into the announcement somehow.

Fans theorize Fall Guys is going free-to-play

One of the more astonishing things about the early success of Fall Guys is that it’s a paid game. In its first month, the game sold 7 million copies on Steam alone, which equals out to be around $140,000,000 in gross revenue. However, it also saw a significant boost by being included with PS Plus, where it became the most downloaded monthly game of all time.

However, the game quickly lost momentum. Despite high sales, it peaked at 172,213 concurrent players on Steam (PlayStation numbers aren’t available). After the conclusion of its hugely successful marketing campaign, which centered around top influencers, interest faded, and the game hasn’t managed to break 30,000 concurrents on Steam since October 2020. It’s seen (very) minor spikes when new seasons have dropped, but its audience is continuing to decline.

It makes sense if the big announcement is that Fall Guys is going free-to-play. It’s always seemed like it was designed to be F2P, and Epic Games is likely following the same playbook it did with Rocket League. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of crossover event with Fortnite to commemorate the occasion. We might get some news about the delayed Xbox and Switch versions as well.

Regardless, we’ll know what the big Fall Guys announcement is soon. It’ll be revealed on Monday, May 16 at 1 PM ET.

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