ps5 restock may 19

The PSLS PS5 Restock Update for May 19, 2022

It’s Thursday, which is often a good day for PS5 restock news. After many quiet weeks, there are now US restock opportunities to talk about, in addition to the usual UK restocks. Let’s not beat around the bush; read on for the latest info in this PSLS PS5 Restock Update for May 19, 2022.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, May 19?

ps5 restock may 19

US PS5 Console Restock Update

For today, May 19, those in the US will first want to check Sam’s Club for stock. Failing that, it’s time to confirm that you’re signed up to PlayStation Direct for a chance to buy an upcoming new bundle that includes the PS5 disc edition and Horizon Forbidden West.

Though it’s been a very quiet couple of weeks for US hopefuls, there are now reports of imminent restocks. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop are expected to restock before June 2, with GameStop’s in-stock drop expected on May 28. (via @Tracker_RY)

Walmart is also confirmed to be having a PS5 drop for members on June 2 at 3 PM ET.

  • Sams’ Club – Drop happening today!
  • Target – Reporting its stock levels every day on the Target website.
  • PS Direct – Drop occurred on March 22.
  • AntOnline – Surprise drop happened on March 23.
  • Walmart – Restocked on April 19.
  • Amazon – Drop occurred on April 19.
  • Best Buy – Drop occurred on April 21.
  • PS Direct – Drop occurred on April 26.
  • GameStop – Drop occurred on April 23.
  • BJs – Bundle restock happened on January 19.

US PS5 Accessories Restock Update

While it’s still very tough to find a PS5 console, accessories for the Sony new-gen system are still in plentiful supply at Amazon. Check out the above links for some of our top picks.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock for today, May 19?

ps5 restock may 19

For today, May 19, those in the UK will also want to make sure that they’ve registered their interest in buying directly from PlayStation. Do so here.

Otherwise, expect more drops from retailers very soon. In the past few days, Argos, Smyths Toys, GAME, and eBuyer have all had stock!

In other PlayStation news, Sony has a deal with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, potentially for exclusive content. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has been delayed and last-gen versions have been canceled. Rumors suggest that The Last of Us Remake is arriving this holiday season.